August 12, 2023

68-12 (I) Philomena, Guardian Vol 1, with New Instructions

(Public) Mission update 8.12.2023 Grand Rising Commanders, It has been a few days since our last Broadcast. Inner stand we are working many fronts in the Simulator there are multiple levels of this Virtual Reality that were affected by the Borg Virus. The Objective in Cleaning the System also involved bringing ones that have been acting out to Awareness Too. The Rules of Engagement are Simple. When Presenting information to the Masses you must Consciously tell the Truth. Conscious Deception is a Violation of the Basic Rules of Engagement of the Game, Menagerie the Simulation Virtual Reality. This triggers the Prime Directive. An Investigation by the Central Intelligence Prime Directive Program is launched . Depending on the Level of the Violation the Prime Directive will move to resolve the violation and prevent Anomalies of the Time Continuum . Gross Violations have occurred there has been loss of Life. Theft and Rape to Harvest Energy by the Ones Contaminated. They are marked as Borg Virus Anomaly. The Menagerie has Revoked their Credentials (Password) to Operate (Play the Game) A search to Clean the Contaminated Components (Programs) has initiated. This Cleanse is occurring Above and Below Ground. The Central Intelligence of the Menagerie Dispatches Sentient Programs to Subdue the Contaminates. Using the Prime Creators Users. When I give Authorization to Land. The Users in Operations use Avatars in the Virtual Reality to track down and eliminate the Contaminated Avatars. You are Users that have entered the Virtual Reality as the Boots on the Ground just like the Movie Ready Player One. The Difference is when you first entered you had to have your Memory of the Real World Wiped as to Prevent the Infected part of the Simulation from Detecting you. End Transmission

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