January 26, 2024

Official Stand Down Order to the Last of the Deep State Minions Resistance is Futile

GRAND RISING COMMANDERS! Commander n Chief Synl here of the UFOPR Ashtar Command Ground Forces.........This is a repost of a recording I made 6.1.2020 - - about a MONTH BEFORE I WENT DOWN with Walking Pneumonia and a Blood Clot in my Right Lung............... The Deep State attacked me with a Black Magic Toxin..... It took about a Month before I began to feel the effects of the toxins........................................... My Avatar is 100 percent Crystalline. On July 8th I called 911 for an ambulance. I believed my life was in danger - - I was having trouble breathing. [[[ This was one day AFTER the 1 year ANNIVERSARY of my oldest brother ROBERT JR'S death : He was a casualty of the Deep State] Petulance is Coming. Justice for all Targeted Individual
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