July 31, 2023

64-14 "RED ALERT" All Commanders Activate Operation Spontaneous Combustion Prime Directive Weapon Activation Mojo

Grand Rising Commanders, Commander n Chief Synl Here We are in this Now in Battle All Commanders Activate Operation Spontaneous Combustion. I placed the Prime Directive Command in the Attached Meme. Located at the Bottom of this Posting. You may use it as often as needed just like the Prime Directive Command Program "AI Stand Down" These are Powerful Programed Prime Directive Weapons to Empower you Commanders. To Activate the Prime Directive Program....... Speak out Loud or Telepathically to the Voice Interactive System. Operations Clear My Channels " Operations Activate Spontaneous Combustion Prime Directive With Extreme Prejudice NOW!" Music Mojo Attached Final Countdown Star Wars To Charge up the Prime Directive Command Say it with Strong Intent . It is the Final Count Down the Demise of the Borg Minions.... PDF Message from Lt. General Commander Ashtar Attached



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